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The Territory Museum of Riccione is a history museum focusing on both the human and the geological evolution of Riccione and its surroundings from the prehistoric time to antiquity (Roman Era).

Plenty of artifacts have been gathered at the Territory Museum, artifacts which document the human presence in the prehistoric settlements of nowadays Riccione. The collections substantiate people have inhabited the area from the Quaternary through the Neolithic and the Copper Age, the Bronze and the Iron Age to the Roman Era.

In terms of geological and biological exhibits, the most impressive highlights refer to the skeletal vestiges of large prehistoric species: elephants, bears, rhinos, and bison.

The bottom line is the Territory Museum is one of the few edifices of this kind in Riccione, so tourists might just as well visit it in order to grasp the cultural side of the resort.

Territory Museum (Museo del Territorio)
10, Viale Lazio, 47838, Riccione, Italy
0039 0541 600113 / 0039 0541 693534
[email protected]

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