Nature Attractions nearby Riccione

Ca Brigida Oasis

Ca Brigida Oasis stretches along the Marecchia River Valley. This protected area is part of WWF Italia, which is an ascertainment of its biological value.


Conca Oasis

Conca Oasis is the largest nature reserve within the province of Riccione. It stretches on some 700 hectares, and it is ideal for birdwatching and biking.


Mondaino Arboretum

The Mondaino Arboretum stretches along the Conca River Valley, 20 km from Riccione. Tourists can enter here either by guided tours or by themselves.


Onferno Regional Reserve

The Onferno Regional Reserve is located nearby Riccione, and it is both a fine leisure opportunity and an excellent bike trip suggestion.


Quarry Park

The Quarry Park is a place of special scientific interest. It is located in the commune of Poggio Berni, within the confines of the province of Rimini.