Ca Brigida Oasis / Nature Attractions nearby Riccione

Ca Brigida Oasis is part of WWF Italia. It is literally an oasis, that is, a place protected for its nature richness, faunally, floristically and geologically speaking. The oasis stretches along the Marecchia Valley, filling a surface of 17 hectares. The presence of a farmhouse adds a picturesque extra quality to this large park, whereas the vestiges of past settlements remind tourists of how both humans and nature should be entitled to the continuity of their own existence.

Visitors interested in more than living their moment of nature exploration can also check out the Museum of Nature History of Marecchia Valley located within the confines of the park.

Ca Brigida Oasis
333, Via del Grano, Verucchio, Italy
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0039 0541 52530
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Attractions in Riccione


Fiabilandia is located half way between Riccione and Rimini. It is a spectacular encounter of the little ones with all the peaks of kids’ fun facilities.


Cycling in Riccione

Cycling in Riccione is not just a sports opportunity on a par with any other sport. It is, on the contrary, a highly developed branch of tourism.


Conca Oasis

Conca Oasis is the largest nature reserve within the province of Riccione. It stretches on some 700 hectares, and it is ideal for birdwatching and biking.