Conca Oasis / Nature Attractions nearby Riccione

Conca Oasis is both a wildlife and an ornithological reserve. Given the area it stretches on (that is, more than 700 hectares), it neighbors on several municipalities and communes in the province of Rimini, such as Cattolica, Morciano, San Giovanni in Marignano, Misano Adriatico and San Clemente.

Conca Oasis is a major nature attraction in the province of Rimini, and tourists spending their vacation in Riccione should not decline the pleasure of searching out the richness of Conca Valley. Birdwatchers and bikers alike are highly likely to be interested in exploring the valley. First of all, as far as bird watching goes, tourists should keep in mind there are plenty of species to be admired in this oasis, ranging from herons to egrets, from pelicans and storks to cormorants and ducks and geese. A bird watching observatory has been especially built in order to ease sightseeing for people keen on this activity.

However, bikers too will find it reassuring to learn cycle paths have been laid out along the both riverbanks, which reminds us one again of the high level bike tourism observed in the province of Rimini and throughout Emilia Romagna, for that matter.

Conca Oasis
Province of Rimini, Italy
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0039 0541 52530

Attractions in Riccione

Onferno Regional Reserve

The Onferno Regional Reserve is located nearby Riccione, and it is both a fine leisure opportunity and an excellent bike trip suggestion.



Fiabilandia is located half way between Riccione and Rimini. It is a spectacular encounter of the little ones with all the peaks of kids’ fun facilities.


Golf in Riccione

Playing golf in Riccione is possible by means of the two golf clubs and courses located nearby the resort, in San Giovanni in Marignano and Villa Verucchio