Cycling in Riccione

Cycling in Riccione is not just a sports opportunity on a par with any other sport. It is, on the contrary, a highly developed branch of tourism.


Golf in Riccione

Playing golf in Riccione is possible by means of the two golf clubs and courses located nearby the resort, in San Giovanni in Marignano and Villa Verucchio


Horse riding in Riccione

Horse riding in Riccione is possible by means of the several specialized centers which can be spotted in the surroundings of the resort.


Tennis and squash in Riccione

Playing tennis and squash in Riccione is not only possible, but an increasingly popular activity which has attained new levels of professionalism.


Water sports in Riccione

Sailing, swimming and surfing, for instance, are some of the most popular water sports in Riccione. Ski jet, diving and fishing are also recommendable.