Beach Village / Theme and Fun Parks in and nearby Riccione

The Beach Village in Riccione is, in fact, a beach venue fitted with special amenities such as to turn the parcel of beach into a venue of special tourist worth and appeal. This is not a park proper, but it does have a unique profile given the array of activities one can indulge in once in the Beach Village.

Thus, sunbathing is a matter of fact in the Beach Village. But the fact visitors can rent here jest skies, pedal boats and canoes, as well as the fact the beach is fitted with a gym mean tourists can do much more here than idle away in the sun.

For cannier activities, the beach is also fitted with a reading corner and with and Internet point.

Adding the fact the Beach Village turns into one lively nocturnal leisure opportunity at night, one can easily understand why the venue is such an important tourist attraction in Riccione.

Beach Village
150, Lungomare Viale D’Annunzio, Riccione, Italy
0039 0541 640517
0039 0541 664879
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Attractions in Riccione

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