Together with Rimini, Riccione delineates the most popular and thronged tourist hotspot on the Adriatic Riviera. This state of affairs is explainable not only by the inner tourist assets of the area, but also by the fact Riccione, just as Rimini, is readily accessible to all nationals and foreigners who wish to spend their vacation on the Adriatic Riviera. Thus, Riccione is reachable by a large range of mainstream means of transports: by air, by road and by railroad.

By air

Federico Fellini International Airport of Rimini is the most practicable solution for people who want to fly to Riccione, given the short 5-kilometer distance between the airport and the resort. Some 20 airline companies operate at Federico Fellini, which means Riccione is accessible to tourists traveling from most major European cities. The airport transfer means available for Riccione are further enhanced by the presence of several car rental companies at the airport, which is always a solution at hand.

Besides Federico Fellini, an additional solution for people who want to fly to Riccione refers to Forli Airport. Some 40 kilometers are interposed between Riccione and Forli Airport, but tourists should rest assured: they can rely on the airport transfer means in order to quickly get from Forli to Riccione.

A less practicable solution, yet an alternative all the same, refers to flying to Riccione and land at Bologna Airport. Riccione is located more than 100 kilometers southeast from Bologna, the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, but connections between the two are fairly reliable: 20 trains link Bologna to Riccione each day.

Finally, Ancona Falconara Airport should also be noted. It is located some 60 kilometers southeast from Riccione and, it too, can be deemed a reliable entrance gate to the Adriatic Riviera. Some 13 trains leave from the Castelferretti train station and head for Riccione each day, which is pretty reassuring.

By train

Certainly, Riccione is reachable by train too from virtually all corners of Italy and Europe, for that matter. However, tourists who want to get to Riccione by train from the major cities of Italy and Europe must change trains. This means Riccione does not benefit from direct connections to such destinations.

For instance, people who want to get from Rome to Riccione must change trains at either Pesaro or Falconara Maritima, whereas tourists traveling from north must usually stop at Bologna, from where they have direct trains to Riccione. Even those who head for Riccione from the west side of the peninsula (such as from Florence) must first stop at Bologna (or Faenza, which seems more convenient, since the loop is less far-flung), despite the fact the geographical distance between Florence and Riccione amounts to some 100 kilometers.

The railway station of Riccione is located in Piazzale Luigi Cadorna, in close proximity to the center of the resort. For precise information on schedules, rates and alternatives for arriving to Riccione by train, please visit the Ferrovie dello Stato.

By car

Traveling to Riccione by car is one alternative plenty of tourists often opt for. Riccione is located in close proximity to Autostrada Adriatica A14, which ensures excellent connections with all destinations in south and north Italy. In order to actually get to Riccione if following the said motorway, tourists should, depending from where they actually come from, exist on Via Emilia and then follow Via Flaminia and Via Adriatica (this alternative offers them the opportunity to go by Rimini), whereas the direct exit to Riccione much more straightforward. For tourists coming from south Italy, the exit to Cattolica-San Givanni in Marignano-Gabicce Mare is a recommendable alternative, provided that the trip is extended by following Via Saludecese, Via Olmeda and, finally, Via Adriatica.

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