Golf in Riccione

In Riccione proper there are no major golf clubs and courses, but playing golf is possible in the surroundings of the resort. Riviera Golf Resort and Rimini Golf Club are... Golf in Riccione

Horse riding in Riccione

There are several specialized centers in the hinterland of Riccione which provide less mainstream, but highly rewarding activities to both the curious and the passionate: horse riding. Riding lessons are also... Horse riding in Riccione

Tennis and squash in Riccione

Tennis and squash seem to experience an increasing popularity not only on the Adriatic Riviera, Riccione included, but in the entire Italy too. In order to meet tourists’ expectations, Riccione... Tennis and squash in Riccione

Cycling in Riccione

Cycling is more than an occasional sports activity in Riccione. The resort, along with the entire Emilia Romagna, sees cycling as a must-do recommendable to all tourists who want to... Cycling in Riccione

Water sports in Riccione

Sailing, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, ski jet, diving and fishing are the most popular water sports one can indulge in during their stay in Riccione, Riccione being, in fact, a beach... Water sports in Riccione