Cycling is more than an occasional sports activity in Riccione. The resort, along with the entire Emilia Romagna, sees cycling as a must-do recommendable to all tourists who want to live their vacation to the full and grasp the specificity of the region. Cycling is so popular in Riccione and its surroundings that one can rightfully speak of an unparalleled bike tourism developing in Riccione.

There are several bike rental companies in Riccione focusing exclusively on rental services (bikes and accessories), but the so-called bike hotels offer complete services in order to turn cycling into the most delightful experience.

For complete information on these hotels, as well as on the most recommendable and rewarding suggested paths, use the following indications:

Riccione Bike Hotels

Riccione Bike Hotels
38/Q, Via Macanno, 47900, Rimini, Italy
0039 0541 390029