Onferno Regional Reserve

The Onferno Regional Reserve is a valuable nature spot both from a tourist and a scientific point of view. The reserve excels by its rare plant and animal species, as... Onferno Regional Reserve

Mondaino Arboretum

The Mondaino Arboretum is located just 20 kilometers from Riccione. This is a wooded area stretching on 9 hectares, located on the Conca Valley. Besides the richness of plant life... Mondaino Arboretum

Quarry Park

Located in the commune of Poggio Berni, within the confines of the province of Rimini, the Quarry Park is a scientifically intriguing place. In order to discover park, people interested... Quarry Park

Ca Brigida Oasis

Ca Brigida Oasis is part of WWF Italia. It is literally an oasis, that is, a place protected for its nature richness, faunally, floristically and geologically speaking. The oasis stretches... Ca Brigida Oasis

Conca Oasis

Conca Oasis is both a wildlife and an ornithological reserve. Given the area it stretches on (that is, more than 700 hectares), it neighbors on several municipalities and communes in... Conca Oasis