Similar to Rimini, the stretch of sand bordering Riccione is divided into several beach parcels, that is, in more than 140 parcels suggestively called bagno or spiaggia in Italian. All of these beaches are assigned a number, and some of them are even named in a certain way. However, the parcels pertain to certain conventionally established areas as follows: parcels 1 to 39 pertain to the Fontanelle Abissinia area, parcels 40 to 77 pertain to the Center area, parcels 78 to 95 pertain to the Harbor area, parcels 96 to 110 pertain to the Alba area, parcels 111 to 122 pertain to the Fogliano area, and parcels 123 to 148 pertain to the Marano area.

As a general note, the beaches in Riccione have often been awarded the blue flag, which is an ascertainment of not only the cleanliness and care for the environment, but of the facilities and amenities meant to turn sunbathing into a delightful experience. This is an aspect not to be disregarded.

On top of that, some 70 lifeguard posts can be spotted on the beach, which is highly reassuring for tourists who spend their vacation with their family, and not only.

Furthermore, the beaches of Riccione are unique on the Adriatic Riviera by their amazing liveliness. A huge range of sports can be practiced here, from tennis and Frisbee to gym and water sports. As if to complement the already sparkling soul of the beach, the bars and discos located here open at night, living up to the name Riccione has made in terms of nightlife.

Some of the beaches are fitted even with health and beauty care facilities, capitalizing on the thermal (but not only) resources of the resort. The Wellness Beach (Spiaggia del Benessere) is, in fact, a parcel which has taken health and beauty care to a higher level, becoming, in fact, a sort of theme beach. Another unique theme beach in Riccione refers to the Beach Village which is more of a fun park than a mainstream beach proper.

All these are possible due to the fact the beaches of Riccione are truly special venues fitted not only with the basic facilities (showers, toilets, sunshades and the like), but with the most unthinkably large range of facilities which allow tourists to indulge in all sort of activities.

In addition to all that, pet owners can also rest assured: there are some beaches within which areas conceived especially for dogs’ leisure activities can be spotted. Thus, bagno 23, bagno 122 and bagno 138, just to give a few examples, can certainly be frequented by people who care so much about the complete welfare of their pets (dogs).

The following is but a short list of the most noteworthy beaches in Riccione.