Indirect sources allow us to piece out the past shine of the present Argolanti Castle. The castle was first mentioned in relation to the name of the Argolanti family who was exiled from Florence in the first half of the 14th century. The castle remained in the possession of the Argolanti family until the 18th century. All this time it is said to have been used as a summer residence of the said family.

Despite the infrequent stays of the family at the castle, the edifice was retained by the local history as a structure of special magnificence. The castle is said to have hosted a huge library of notable value which is now lost. Certain sources state it was the most beautiful castle in the entire province of Rimini. Much of it was lost to the rough circumstances, such that during the 20th century it came to be half destroyed and turned into a farm. However, massive renovation works were carried out in the late 20th century in order to restore some of the past shine of the castle.

Argolanti Castle (Castello degli Agolanti)
Via Caprera, 47838, Riccione, Italy
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