Aquafan is one of the largest water parks on the Adriatic Riviera. It is an ideal family leisure opportunity, filling a surface of 90,000 square meters, which is indicative of the fun one can have if willing to visit the park.

Fiume Lento, Fiume Rapido, Kamikaze, the Surfing Hill and Piscina dell’Elefante are just a few examples of the water fun facilities tourists can enjoy at Aquafan. But besides these amenities as such, the park also features 2 theme beaches (the Antarctic Baby Beach, the Cartoon Beach) and a picnic area for cannier and more relaxing activities.

The park is located just nearby Oltremare, another major attraction which boosts the tourist rating of Riccione. A special bus line, namely, the Pink Line, is dedicated to carrying tourists from the Riccione bus terminal to Aquafan, which is encouraging enough for newcomers at least.

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