Italia in Miniatura is located in Viserba di Rimini, just a little north from the city of Rimini as such. The name of the park speaks for the theme it covers: the park focuses on displaying the most notable architectural landmarks of Italy in miniature version.

Furthermore, a special emphasis it laid on the nature attractions of the country, they too mimicked as accurately as possible by the park. The park is, in fact, an invitation to discover the entire Italy in its most notable attractions at a glance.

Besides sightseeing, Italia in Miniatura also offers much more interactive activities, of which the gondola tours and the science funfair are but two examples. Given the park follows a trajectory of seemingly endless improvement of its patrimony, its miniature asset increases by the year.

Italia in Miniatura
239, Via Popilia, 47922, Viserba di Rimini, Rimini, Italy
0039 0541 736736
0039 0541 732203
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