The most notable adventure park in Emilia Romagna is Skypark, which is located within the province of Rimini, but at a considerable distance from the coastline. This inland leisure opportunity is perfect for people who want something more than idling away in the sun or indulge in beach and sea related activities.

The park welcomes visitors of at least 2 years old, since its paths have been conceived both on the criterion of age and of height. But before opting for a certain path, tourists should learn some information on the level of difficulty of each of these paths. The yellow, orange and brown paths, the green and blue paths, as well as the red and the black paths, are what the offer made available by Skypark consists of.

Besides adventure, tourists can also get an instructive experience at Skypark. The park has elaborated a program – suggestively entitles the Master Tree – meant to make visitors aware of the current environment protection issues and to increase their respect for nature and willingness to resort to clean and renewable sources of energy.

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