Paths and itineraries

Roughly speaking, there are three chief directions tourists can follow. The north paths cover itineraries up to Cesana, the central paths stretch up to the Republic of San Marino, whereas the south paths reach down to Marche.

For instance, the Sangiovese wine tour is one of the easiest and shortest itineraries, being rated with level 2 of difficulty and covering a distance of 65 kilometers. Tourists start off in Riccione and tick off San Patrignano, San Salvatore, Coriano, Osteria Nuova, Mercatino Conca, Morciano, San Giovanni in Marignano and then Cattolica.

On the other hand, the so-called Three regions tour (Romagna, Marche, Tuscany) is one on the longest and most difficult of all, with 157 kilometers to cover and level 5 of difficulty. Other challenging paths rated with level 5 of difficulty refer to the Furlo gorge tour and to the Boletus mushroom tour.

Certain bikers might prefer less challenging opportunities. For them, the medium difficulty tours (level 3 and 4 of difficulty) are the most recommendable, and they refer to the Raffaello tour, the Monterfeltro tour, and the so-called From the coast to the hills and back, the Hill climbers’ tour no. 1, and to the Olive oil tour.

Sources of information

The tourist authorities of Riccione take bike tourism highly seriously. This is why besides the excellent cycle infrastructure which crosses throughout the region of Emilia Romagna Riccione capitalizes on from a tourist point of view, and on top of the bike sharing system operating within the commune of Riccione, the tourist information offices in Riccione are able to provide exhaustive information on the itineraries tourists are to cover if curious and willing enough to search out the hinterlands of the resort by bike.

By resorting to the indications provided by the tourist information offices in Riccione, bikers can learn both the most popular itineraries and technical information on the paths. This information refers, for instance, to the communes which peg out the paths, directions, level of difficulty, difference of level between the lowest and the highest points of the route and, of course, the distance they stretch on.

For complete information on these tours, please use the contact details of the permanent tourist office of Riccione:

Palazzo del Turismo tourist information office

Palazzo del Turismo tourist information office
Palazzo del Turismo, 10, Piazzale Ceccarini, Riccione, Italy
0039 0541 693302 / 0039 0541 605627
0039 0541 605752
[email protected]
Opening hours (winter):
October to April: daily, 8am to 7pm
Opening hours (summer):
May and September: daily, 8am to 8pm; June to August: daily, 8am to 10pm