Federico Fellini tour

This tour, as expected, explores the city of Rimini exclusively. Rimini is the place where this great Italian filmmaker was born, so it’s understandable for the city of Rimini to keep his memory alive even by resorting to a tourism-related mechanism.

On this tour, visitors are to see objectives like Grand Hotel Rimini, the historical center of the city, Borgo San Giuliano and, of course, the Fellini Foundation.

Giovanni Pascoli tour

Giovanni Pascoli was an important Italian poet and scholar, born in the back then called San Mauro di Romagna, later called San Mauro Pascoli. Pascoli created in the spirit of the decadent literary movement.

The tour starts in San Mauro Pascoli, where the house of the poet can be visited, though other sights to be ticked off (though not necessarily in direct relation with the theme of the tour) might refer to the Torlonia Tower and to the Roman Furnaces.

The next top is at Savignano sul Rubicone, which is located some 3 kilometers southwest from San Mauro Pascoli. The tour ends with a stop at Bertinoro.

Dante Alighieri tour

The Dante Alighieri tour is, perhaps, the widest of all cultural tours in terms of the distances that need to be covered from Riccione to the remotest point on this tour. In order to retrace the presence of Dante Alighieri in Emilia Romagna in its broadest reference marks, tourists should start off in Ravenna, a place of great historical and cultural value which, amongst others, is where Dante died and is actually buried, the tomb built for him in Florence (his birthplace) being, in fact, a mere cenotaph.

Then, tourists should head south for Faenza and Gradara, the latter being a place mentioned by Dante as in his work, as frame for the tragic love of Francesca and Paolo. Faenza is related to Dante by the references made by the poet to Brother Alberigo dei Manfredi, a local of Faenza, pictured by Dante as caught in the last circle of hell. In Dante’s work, the name of the city appears again in the book of Paradise, in relation to Pier Damiani. The tour ends with a stop at the Onferno Regional Reserve.