People often tend to be dazzled by the sparkling modern attractions stretching along the Adriatic coastline, forgetting about the historical background of the hinterlands of Riccione. And since the landlocked surroundings of Riccione do feature a consistent historical charge, with vestiges dating back to the Middle Ages, it would be nothing but a loss for the authorities watching over the development of tourism to disregard this historical heritage.

Malatesta Seigniory tour

Thus, the trips to the Malatesta Seigniory represent the first thing that comes in mind when talking about historical tours. Such tours are enabled by a special bus service, namely, the Collinea line. The line is made available by the main bus company operating in the province of Rimini, that is, TRAM Rimini. Tickets for such trips can be bought from all venues featuring a Collinea sticker (from hotels and travel agencies to newspaper stands). In order to be properly introduced in the historical background of the Malatesta Seigniory, tourists are provided with a guide able to give precise information on the objectives they are to visit. On top of that, groups of more than 10 visitors must make reservations in order to make sure their places on the bus are guaranteed by TRAM Rimini.

Saludecio, Montegridolfo, Mondaino and Montefiore are to be visited during the Malatesta Seigniory tour. Saludecio is a small village the highlights of which refer to a church dating back to the 18th century and to a museum of sacred art. Montegridolfo is home to a castle which used to belong to the Malatesta family. The structure dates back to the 14th century. In Mondaino tourists will visit the semicircular piazza where the famed Palio del Daino is held each August. Montefiore Conca is overlooked by the Malatesta Fortress. Each of the stops involves optional tasting episodes: pasta, cheeses, wine.

Sigismondo Malatesta tour

The Sigismondo Malatesta tours overlap, to a certain extent, the trips to the Malatesta Seigniory. Besides Montefiore and Mondaino, a Sigismondo Malatesta tour also implies visits to Verucchio and San Giovanni in Marignano. The trip starts in Rimini, which was the seat of the Malatesta family for about 3 centuries. The most notable objectives related to the name of Malatestas refer to the Malatesta Temple and to Rocca Malatestiana (Sismondo Castle).

Verucchio used to have a special significance for the rulers of Rimini for several centuries, being the first capital of the dynasty. The dominion of the Malatestas is called up by the impressive Rocca del Sasso.

There are several objectives to be visited in San Giovanni in Marignano, but the reference of this place to the name of the Malatesta family resides in the fact it used to be the granary of the Malatestas for a long time.

Benito Mussolini tour

The Benito Mussolini tour tries to reproduce the presence of Benito Mussolini in Emilia Romagna. In order for tourists to get an accurate grasp of this subject, they are to start off in Predappio, the birthplace of Mussolini. It is also the place where the dictator is buried, a mausoleum marking the very place of his tomb.

The tour continues with Riccione, renowned, amongst others, for having been the place where the Mussolini family used to spend their vacations. The Mussolini Villa is a highlight of the tour in Riccione.

The last stop on this tour is in Montegridolfo. This place does not necessarily have a direct reference to the name of Mussolini, but it was, however, a spot on the Gothic Line during the Second World War.